Bordeaux, France – Top Wine Regions of The World

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This is the first in a series of top wine regions on the planet, following the popularity of a blog post on travel network GotSaga, with title “10 Top Places for Wine across the planet“. This post is released prior to the coming GotSaga guest post about “10 Top French Wine Places”

Bordeaux: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte - Day One by Megan Mallen, on FlickrWhen writing about France and wine, of course Bordeaux comes to mind. Being placed second in my previous post, this famous wine region is obviously the first among the french. After all, Bordeaux create the wines others try to copy – and even though many are getting closer in wine quality, Bordeaux is still the number one for many wine experts. Some even jokingly say that each year presents a new ‘Wine of the century’ from the region, and that the locals then comment ‘Again?’.

The locals of the area are rightly proud of their wine production and of their region, and aren’t difficult to ask for tips on where to go and which vineyards to visit and wines to try. With such wineries as Chateau Margaux, Chateau Palmer, Chateau Belair and many more chateaux spread over this most famous wine region, none should leave without a lifted spirit. My top vineyard recommendation would however be Chateau Mouton Rothschild, where you usually don’t have to book far in advance, and besides that they have one of the greatest red wines in the world, all accompanied by a nice museum.

For anyone interested in history, it might be known that Dutch engineers drained the Médoc in the 17th century, thereby opening up the gravel ridges for viticulture. Some even consider this to be the start of Bordeaux wine cultivation, even though the Bordeaux has seen grapevines since at least the 4th century, when a Roman poet mentioned wine from the area – and there is a belief that the tradition is even older than that.

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  1. Comment by Mark:

    Hey Emil,

    I think the discussion about French wine regions is an interesting one, if for no other reason than the break up of where grapes are grown. For a Pinot lover, I’d guess Burgundy would be more important than Bordeaux even though the Bordeaux varietals are more well known internationally.

    • Comment by Emil H:

      Hi Mark,

      Burgundy is a great home for Pinot Noir wines (I’m guessing you’re thinking of the reds, and not the whites of Pinot Grigio/Gris which are more common in Alsace). I must admit that in general Pinot Noir wines are more my favorites as well. I agree that it’s interesting looking at the grapes for French wines, as well as a few other countries were you usually only find the region on the label instead of the varietal – I’ve even had people come up to me talking about Bordeaux and Burgundy as if it were grapes. Hopefully my writing can help at least someone understand the difference.

  2. Comment by Winery Vineyards:

    Im looking for a USA winery vineyard directory, any suggestions?

    • Comment by Emil H:

      We actually have 656 wineries and vineyards at WineTravelr at the moment, if you’re just looking for where to go. There are a few others who have US wineries/vineyards listed, so if you tell why you need it, I’d love to help

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