Tips for a wine trip to Castilla y Leon, Spain – Great Spanish wine regions series, part 5

Hotel El Convento, CWW Spain 17 Mar 09 by Brett, The Wine Maestro, on FlickrAs in most of Spain, Castilla y Leon wines are typically red. However, in the middle of the region, you will find the Rueda wine region, famous for white wines typically based on Verdejo grapes and lately complimented by Sauvignon Blanc. If you enjoy the reds more, you will be happy to stumble into the Ribeira del Duero wine region, which produces meaty reds and has in relatively short time become one of the giants of the Spanish wine world – much because of the Tempranillo grapes being perfect for growing in the area. Other wine regions in Castilla y Leon includes Toro with their full bodied (yet not overwhelming) reds and Bierzo which is storming the wine world with their intence and lively whites, while Cigales produces some fruity and refreshing Rosé wines. 

Situated northwest of Madrid, this is the very birthplace of modern Spain, and as such is home to some of the finest heritage of the country. While visiting the wineries of Rueda, a good base for your stay is Valladolid in the north, or in one of my favorite towns, Segovia to the southeast. Another alternative is Salamanca to the west, from which you can easily visit Portugal’s Douro region as well. Going into the countryside, you will find the Duero river flowing through winelands, giving necessary water to the vines in the dry hot summer days, and the mountains affecting the climate to lower the effect of the Atlantic Ocean.



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